Project Description

Ecological Conservation Project

Tree Planting in Naro Moru


Be part of the solution, your volunteer work will alleviate the negative impact on our environment, improve socio-economic development, food security and sustainable livelihoods.



Project Overview


  • Volunteer project abroadThis is an incredible volunteer opportunity. You will live, interact, learn and experience the lifestyle and culture of the Mt. Kenya people. You will work along side community members who desperately need help to restore their ancestral land by planting trees to prevent further land degradation. Your volunteer work within the communities themselves will alleviate the negative impact on the environment in the area. It will also improve socio-economic development, food security and sustainable livelihoods.
  • Deforestation is a big problem in Kenya and has most drastically taken place in the reserved forests.  Fires, illegal logging and the increased population of Kenya have encroached into the reserved forest causing dramatic deforestation in Kenya. The deforestation has severely affected the local communities, livestock and wildlife.  The climate has changed and therefore there is considerably less rainfall, which has affected the local farming and livestock, as well as the wildlife in the area.
  • Another issue is that the communities around Mt Kenya have watched year after year as the glaciers of Mt Kenya shrink. The cold ice streams at the equator are melting away.  The streams off Mount Kenya ran very high some years back but are now growing thin.  There are prolonged droughts, less food and the stability of food is at risk.


General Tasks For Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to assist with a variety of tasks such as weed control, watering plants, tree planting, tree nursery work and general maintenance. There is also an opportunity of educating other communities & school children about the importance of planting trees to promote fauna and flora.