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Volunteer Fees

Access Volunteer Group does not have any administration fee, the community members freely give their time because they want to support the projects knowing that their efforts are directly supporting something they believe in.



  • $650.00 for 2 weeks ($210 for every other week)

  • Your voluntee fees

  • We all know that paying to volunteer seems like a strange concept. Why should someone charge you to work for free? Well, we have limited resources and volunteer fees help to sustain and supervise the local projects and the fees also cover the following:

    *  Airport Pick-up -  Once we know your flight details our project coordinator will organize a driver that will be at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to pick you up.

    *  Placement arrangement: All your placement arrangements and your well being while you are volunteering is our priority.   Our coordinator or supervisor will provide with whatever support you may need during any step along your volunteer project. Our coordinators ensure that your placement is secure and safe at all times.

    *  Accommodations/Meals:  Simple and clean lodging with 3 basic meals a day.

    *  Transportation to the project: Volunteers are transported to the project location.
  • What is included ?

    * Accommodation  
    * Basic meals are included for breakfast, lunch & dinner 
    * Airport pick up and transport to the project site

    What's not included

    Airfare and related expenses

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