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About Access Volunteers Group

Who is Access Volunteers Group ?

Who is AVG ?


  • Access (Action Crew on Community Environment for Sustainable Services) . It is a non-profit, non-government, community organization. The projects are based in Naro Moru, Kenya, East Africa. The organization was started in 2004 by a local group in Naro Moru as a volunteer program to deal with issues of deforestation, trouble with prolonged droughts and low productivity of agriculture, infrastructure rebuilding as well as a lack of adequate learning facilities around the Mt Kenya area. 
  • The projects are dedicated to trying to improve the lives of rural communities around Mt Kenya. The community is not short of labor! Lack of resources affects the availability of facilities needed for the community. The volunteers work alongside villagers on community-initiated building projects like building schools and renovating classrooms, and working to bring clean water to areas where there is no water available.  Projects include building a community water tank. 
  • With the help of both local and international volunteers, ACCESS has built new classrooms for various schools in the community, restored old classrooms by painting and rebuilding structures of the classrooms,  and assisted at regional orphanages.  ACCESS has also helped to build a water tank for the local community and has planted thousands of trees for reforestation in the area. 
  • Our mission is to educate the public and build a stronger sense of community through volunteer projects.  The goal is to help with sustainable development and management of community based projects with public and private partners to alleviate poverty. This will improve both the Naro Moru economy and environment.



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