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Destination Naro Moru, Kenya

Naro Moru

The project is based out of Naro Moru village which is located at the base of Mt Kenya, 170 km north of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The local people in this small, rural town are very friendly and enjoy meeting other people from all walks of life.  Naro Moru village is a small town that consists of small shops, houses, basic restaurants, bars, basic lodgings, a post office, a gas station, and a small bank.  The Naro Moru River Lodge, a top range lodge, is located near Naro Moru and is set in a beautiful landscape of gardens along the Naro Moru river. The nearest mid-range restaurant, internet cafe and grocery store can be found in Nanyuki which is a typical small country town 30 km from Naro Moru village. There is regular public transport between Naro Moru village and Nanyuki town.  


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Kenya is well known for its diversity and abundance of wildlife throughout the country. The country has amazing National Game Parks and Game Reserves. It features stunning landscapes from the majestic highlands and glaciated peaks of Mt. Kenya to the savannas and rolling grassland of the Masai Mara. It ranges from the desert regions of the north and the Great Rift Valley to the alluring white beaches of the Indian Ocean.
The people of Kenya are diverse, very friendly and represent a wide cross-section of contemporary society that brings together traditional tribes and urban families on a daily basis.
Kenya’s incredible natural environment and cultural heritage is almost unmatched in Africa. If you are adventurous – and willing – Kenya offers the most magnificent wildlife parks, pristine beaches, thriving coral reefs, memorable mountain landscapes and ancient Swahili towns that are rich in both history and culture.  A trip to Kenya can be the trip of a lifetime!



What's Kenya Like ?


  • Kenya has a diverse population with around 40 different ethnic groups with their own languages and culture.
    Kenyans are generally very easy going people, they are friendly, social, warm, polite, open, and welcoming especially to visitors. It is an experience one would live to remember where everyone wants to greet you even when they don’t know you. The local people are never too busy to make time for you, and little crowds gather in no time if something extraordinary is happening.


    Is it safe to travel in Kenya?

  • Kenya is a friendly country and well policed. ACCESS volunteers will be living and working in rural areas. It is relatively safe and people walk anywhere and everywhere over long distances interacting with the members of the community with no problems. That being said, you will be living and working within very poor community so there is always a small amount of risk of having things taken just because people are in such a need. As in many developing countries, foreigners are perceived as wealthy in Kenya. Although the people are generally warm and friendly – and greatly appreciative of the work done by volunteers – not everyone is the same.
    ACCESS volunteer group’s safety and security are our top priority at every stage of the journey with our volunteers. However, as in any situation at home or abroad, there is no way to erase all potential threats. So it is advisable for people to use common sense while traveling. Volunteers will be provided with a comprehensive information kit and a personalized travel guide. 


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